Our Story

100 prototypes. 150 engineers. Millions of dollars. Countless iterations to bring one industry-changing idea to life.

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The journey so far...


  • 1994

  • Mark Pivac has the idea for a mobile dynamically stabilised robot.


  • 2005

  • Mark Pivac files patents for an 'automated bricklaying system' and creates the first Hadrian prototype using seed funding. After successfully demonstrating the build of a wall using ground-mounted robots and mortar, production of Hadrian 105 (the precursor to Hadrian X) gets underway.


  • 2014

  • After stalling during the GFC, development of the Hadrian 105 resumes amid a stronger economy and renewed interest in robotic construction.
  • The following year, Fastbrick Robotics is listed on the ASX.


  • 2016

  • Hadrian 105 builds the world's first multi-room block structure from a 3D CAD model with no human intervention, providing proof of concept for what will become Hadrian X. Read more


  • 2017

  • We move to a new fit for purpose facility to allow us to rapidly expand our team.
  • We also sign an agreement with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a potential opportunity to build 50,000 new homes with Hadrian X®. Read more


  • 2018

  • Mechanical assembly of the first Hadrian X® is complete. Read more
  • We sign a strategic collaboration with GP Vivienda to discuss a pilot programme for the Hadrian X® in Mexico. Read more
  • DST® testing on the layhead of Hadrian X is complete. Read more
  • We sign a global partnership agreement with Wienerberger AG to develop, manufacture and test clay blocks optimised for Hadrian X®. Read more
  • Hadrian X® builds a three bedroom, two bathroom home structure in under three days. Read more


  • 2019

  • Hadrian X® completes its first outdoor home structure, proving our technology can work through a range of environmental conditions with precision. Read more
  • $17 million capital raise completed.
  • New premises secured for testing and commissioning of FBR's technologies. Read more
  • FBR is the recipient of a Gold Edison Award in Robotics for Hadrian X®. Edison Awards  honour excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design and innovation. Read more
  • We commence an incorporated joint venture with Brickworks to provide WaaS® to the Australian market. Read more
  • We implement a new corporate structure to accelerate the commercialisation of our technology in Australia and in international markets, establishing the Global Commercialisation Team. Read more
  • We welcomed Hon. Mark McGowan  MLA, Premier of Western Australia, to tour of our new facility, declaring it officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the entire FBR Team. See more
  • Mike and Mark Pivac are named joint winners in the Western Region Emerging Male category of the prestigious 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award. Read more
  • The first Building Pilot Program is commenced with Archistruct Builders & Designers, representing first revenue for Fastbrick Australia. Read more
  • We enter into a second Building Pilot Program with GP Vivienda, the housing division of Mexcian construction giant Grupo GP. Read more
  • Second Hadrian X® commences building house structures.
  • CEO - Australia Simon Amos delivers a TED Talk regarding the future of the construction industry to audiences in Perth and internationally. See more
  • Mark Pivac delivers a presentation at the prestigious World's Top 50 Innovators event hosted by Codex at The Royal Society  in London. See more
  • Fastbrick Australia enters into another Building Pilot Program agreement, this time with Summit Homes Group, who have exceptional track record as a home builder in Western Australia. Read more
  • Demonstration Stage of the Building Pilot Program with Archistruct is successfully completed, with the construction of 11 house structures on FBR premises certificated by independent structural engineers. Read more
  • Building contract for the first robotically constructed Display Home using WaaS®, signed by FBR and Archistruct. Block of land purchased. Building permit issued by Local Government.


  • 2020

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, FBR commences a cost rationalisation program to preserve Shareholder value until global economic conditions improve. Read more
  • FBR is announced as the winner of the 2020 Australian Institute of Health & Safety - Health & Safety Innovation (Small - Medium Enterprise) Award. Read more
  • Hadrian X® achieves commercial lay speed of over 200 blocks per hour, representing a major milestone in the commercialisation journey. Watch video
  • FBR completes walls of first display home using Hadrian X®. Read more
  • FBR completes $16 million placement to institutional and
    sophisticated investors. Read more
  • FBR completes Pilot Program stage of Building Pilot Program Agreement with GP Vivienda, building two home structures simultaneously side by side. Read more
  • FBR builds commercial and community centre in Western Australia, completing the third and final stage of the Building Pilot Program Agreement with Achistruct. Read more
  • Next 12 months for FBR

  • Build further residential homes for builders in Western Australia using Hadrian X®109.
  • Continue to improve the base model Hadrian X®109 to achieve maximum productivity and therefore commercial competitiveness from existing architecture.
  • Complete Pilot Programs for overseas customers.
  • Prove commercial competitiveness of the next upgraded iteration of Hadrian X®, the Hadrian X®109+, in the real world by: completing first testing of Hadrian X®109+ in Q1 2021, demonstrating a commercial sustained lay speed of over 200 blocks per hour over the course of a complete residential house build and a peak laying rate of over 240 blocks per hour, reducing team size on site down to three people, completing Human Machine Interface (HMI) to simplify operation and establishing remote support centre.
  • Establish WaaS® operating entities in Europe, North America, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia in preparation for deployment.
  • Achieve certification of Fastbrick Wall System™ in Europe, North America, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia.
  • Complete design for next Hadrian X® model, the Hadrian X®110, in preparation for scalable manufacture.
  • Establish manufacturing plan and confirm Hadrian X®110 manufacturing supply chain.
  • Initiate market entry strategy in Europe, North America, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia, including selection of strategic partners, in anticipation of COVID-19 situation easing.

In collaboration with

  • Wienerberger
  • Curtin University
  • EY


  • Newcastle University
  • Archistruct
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia