Introducing the world's most advanced construction robot - the future of the construction industry has arrived.

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The journey so far...


  • 1994

  • Mark Pivac has the idea for a mobile dynamically stabilised robot - a highly accurate system that continuously adjusts the position of the robot's end effector.


  • 2005

  • Mark Pivac files patents for an 'automated bricklaying system' and creates the first Hadrian prototype. After successfully demonstrating the build of a wall using ground-mounted robots and mortar, production of the Hadrian 105 system begins.


  • 2016

  • After FBR lists on the ASX, the Hadrian 105 builds the world's first multi-room block structure from a 3D computer-aided design model with no human intervention, providing proof of concept for what would become Hadrian X®.


  • 2018

  • FBR has completes mechanical assembly of the first Hadrian X® and demonstrates its capability by constructing a home structure in under three days. Furthermore, signs global partnership agreement with Wienerberger AG to develop clay blocks optimized for Hadrian X®.


  • 2019

  • FBR's Hadrian X® achieves significant milestones, including completing its first outdoor home structure with precision, launching Building Pilot Programs with local and international clients, starting construction of a second Hadrian X® and earns a Gold Edison Award for excellence. 


  • 2020

  • FBR's Hadrian X® achieves a significant milestone with a commercial lay speed of over 200 blocks per hour. The company completes the walls of the first display home using Hadrian X® and the Pilot Program stage with GP Vivienda, building two home structures side by side. Additionally, FBR builds a commercial and community center in Western Australia, completing the final stage of the Building Pilot Program Agreement with Archistruct, and Hadrian X® finishes construction on its first two-story structure. FBR wins the 2020 Australian Institute of Health & Safety - Health & Safety Innovation (Small - Medium Enterprise) award.


  • 2021

  • FBR partners with Xella for a Building Pilot Program, using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and calcium silicate blocks. Hadrian X® constructs its largest project to date, an entire Childcare Centre, and builds five homes in the southern suburbs of Western Australia. FBR secures contracts for multi-home and Wall as a Service® supply and signs a term sheet for up to 5,000 homes in Mexico. FBR undertakes its largest project yet, constructing 16 homes with Inspired Homes. The company also signs a Memorandum of Understanding with United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure to bring the Hadrian X® to UAE.


  • 2022

  • Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH and FBR sign a Memorandum of Understanding to industrialise and commercialise Hadrian X®. Hadrian X® completes a structure with virtually zero on-site waste, and mechanical assembly of the first next-generation Hadrian is completed. FBR commences testing with Xella blocks and completes a house using Wienerberger Porotherm blocks. The construction on the fifth and final home in the FBR Wellard portfolio is completed, and preliminary testing of DST® for 3D printing applications on the existing Hadrian X® platform is finished. Fastbrick Americas LLC US operating entity is established, and FBR is featured in a showcase of West Australian innovation at Expo 2020 Dubai.


  • 2023

  • FBR achieves ICC certification for Fastbrick® Adhesive in masonry construction, while the next-gen Hadrian X® robot autonomously lays its inaugural blocks. Strengthening its endeavors, FBR collaborates with M & G Investment Management to finance three additional Hadrian X® robots, tailored for expedited use in the USA. Notably, the next-gen Hadrian X® sets a remarkable pace, surpassing 300 blocks per hour with US format cement blocks, showcasing substantial advancements in automated construction technology.


  • 2024

  • FBR executes binding US agreement with CRH Ventures Americas. Read More
  • FBR successfully completes Factory Acceptance Test for CRH Ventures ahead of Hadrian X® deployment to United States. Read More
  • FBR completes work on a 16-townhouse development, the largest project ever undertaken. Read More


  • Next 12 months for FBR

  • Introduce next-generation Hadrian X® into suburban building environments.
  • Complete construction at Willagee and St. James.
  • Progress manufacture of U.S. spec next-generation Hadrian X® robots for deployment to U.S.
  • Establish European entity and complete certification of Fastbrick Wall System®.
  • Obtain binding orders for further next-generation Hadrian X® robots to be positioned into operating entities in Australia, U.S. and Europe.
  • Work to establish U.S. operational base in readiness for the arrival of next-generation Hadrian X® robots.

Award winning innovation

2021-safeway-award.png 2021-safety-awards-001.png 2020-safety-awards-001.png EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 FBR Edison Award in Robotics for Hadrian X
2018 FBR Excellence in Construction Innovation The Urban Developer Awards 2017 FBR Inspiration of the Year (Victorian State Government), 2017 iAwards National 2017 I Awards Overall Winner (Mitsubishi Corporation), 2016 Western Australia Innovator of the Year Most Disruptive Technology, 2016 The Incite Awards (Supporting ICT Innovation in Western Australia