Introducing the world's most advanced construction robot - the future of the construction industry has arrived.

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The journey so far...


  • 1994

  • Mark Pivac has the idea for a mobile dynamically stabilised robot - a highly accurate system that continuously adjusts the position of the robot's end effector.


  • 2005

  • Mark Pivac files patents for an 'automated bricklaying system' and creates the first Hadrian prototype. After successfully demonstrating the build of a wall using ground-mounted robots and mortar, production of the Hadrian 105 system begins.


  • 2014

  • After a temporary pause during the global financial crisis, development of the Hadrian 105 resumes.
  • The following year, FBR lists on the ASX.


  • 2016

  • Hadrian 105 builds the world's first multi-room block structure from a 3D computer-aided design model with no human intervention, providing proof of concept for what would become Hadrian X®.


  • 2017

  • FBR relocates to a new facility to accommodate rapid team expansion and also signs an agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build 50,000 homes using their advanced Hadrian X® technology.


  • 2018

  • FBR has completes mechanical assembly of the first Hadrian X® and demonstrates its capability by constructing a home structure in under three days. Furthermore, signs strategic collaboration and global partnership agreements with GP Vivienda and Wienerberger AG, respectively, to explore the potential of Hadrian X® in Mexico and to develop clay blocks optimized for Hadrian X®.


  • 2019

  • FBR's Hadrian X® achieves significant milestones, including completing its first outdoor home structure with precision, launching Building Pilot Programs with revenue from Archistruct Builders & Designers, GP Vivienda, and Summit Homes Group, and starting construction of a second Hadrian X®. The company also completes the Demonstration Stage of the Building Pilot Program, constructing 11 certified house structures, and earns a Gold Edison Award for excellence. Founders Mike and Mark Pivac are jointly named winners of the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Western Region Emerging Male category.


  • 2020

  • FBR's Hadrian X® achieves a significant milestone with a commercial lay speed of over 200 blocks per hour. The company completes the walls of the first display home using Hadrian X® and the Pilot Program stage with GP Vivienda, building two home structures side by side. Additionally, FBR builds a commercial and community center in Western Australia, completing the final stage of the Building Pilot Program Agreement with Archistruct, and Hadrian X® finishes construction on its first two-story structure. FBR wins the 2020 Australian Institute of Health & Safety - Health & Safety Innovation (Small - Medium Enterprise) award.


  • 2021

  • FBR partners with Xella for a Building Pilot Program, using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and calcium silicate blocks. Hadrian X® constructs its largest project to date, an entire Childcare Centre, and builds five homes in the southern suburbs of Western Australia. FBR secures contracts for multi-home and Wall as a Service® supply and signs a term sheet for up to 5,000 homes in Mexico. FBR undertakes its largest project yet, constructing 16 homes with Inspired Homes. The company also signs a Memorandum of Understanding with United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure to bring the Hadrian X® to UAE.


  • 2022

  • Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH and FBR sign a Memorandum of Understanding to industrialise and commercialise Hadrian X®. Hadrian X® completes a structure with virtually zero on-site waste, and mechanical assembly of the first next-generation Hadrian is completed. FBR commences testing with Xella blocks and completes a house using Wienerberger Porotherm blocks. The construction on the fifth and final home in the FBR Wellard portfolio is completed, and preliminary testing of DST® for 3D printing applications on the existing Hadrian X® platform is finished. Fastbrick Americas LLC US operating entity is established, and FBR is featured in a showcase of West Australian innovation at Expo 2020 Dubai.


  • 2023

  • FBR granted International Code Council (ICC) certification approval for use of Fastbrick® Adhesive in concrete masonry construction.
  • Next-generation Hadrian X® robot lays first blocks autonomously.
  • Strategic agreement with U.K. based shareholder M & G Investment Management to fund the manufacture and commercial deployment of three additional next-generation Hadrian X® robots designed specifically for expedited use in the USA.
  • Next-generation Hadrian X® robot achieves new sustained lay speed record of over 300 blocks per hour, with USA format cement masonry blocks, far surpassing the highest ever recorded peak lay speed of its predecessor, the Hadrian 109.
  • Next 12 months for FBR

  • Mechanical completion and full commissioning for next generations of the Hadrian robots.
  • Complete builds in the pipeline in preparation for launch of the next generation Hadrian.
  • Obtain binding orders for robots to be sold to appropriate entity partners and then leased back into operating entities.
  • Establish European entity.
  • Complete International Code Council (ICC) certification of Fastbrick Wall System® in the United States.
  • Further development of building information management architectural software.
  • Complete further 3D concrete printing testing.
  • Complete roofing robot testing with new shuttle architecture of next generation Hadrian.
  • Complete rollout and demonstration of Hadrian capabilities in international markets.

In collaboration with

  • Wienerberger
  • Curtin University
  • cmha_logos_rgb_white.svg
  • Newcastle University
  • Archistruct
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Award winning innovation

2021-safeway-award.png 2021-safety-awards-001.png 2020-safety-awards-001.png EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 FBR Edison Award in Robotics for Hadrian X
2018 FBR Excellence in Construction Innovation The Urban Developer Awards 2017 FBR Inspiration of the Year (Victorian State Government), 2017 iAwards National 2017 I Awards Overall Winner (Mitsubishi Corporation), 2016 Western Australia Innovator of the Year Most Disruptive Technology, 2016 The Incite Awards (Supporting ICT Innovation in Western Australia