Our history

Mark and Mike Pivac


An idea is born

Mark Pivac has the idea for a mobile dynamically stabilised robot.

2005 - 2008

Patents and early prototypes

Mark Pivac files patents for an 'automated bricklaying system' and creates the first Hadrian prototype using seed funding. After successfully demonstrating the build of a wall using ground-mounted robots and mortar, production of Hadrian 105 (the precursor to Hadrian X) gets underway.

Hadrian 105

2014 - 2015

Hadrian 105 in development and Fastbrick goes public

After stalling during the GFC, development of the Hadrian 105 resumes amid a stronger economy and renewed interest in robotic construction.

The following year, Fastbrick Robotics is listed on the ASX.


Leading the world in robotic construction

The Hadrian 105 construction robot builds the world's first multi-room block structure from a 3D CAD model with no human intervention. Following this remarkable achievement, development begins on Hadrian X.

Hadrian 105 robot building the world's first multi-room block structure
Hadrian X

2017 - Present

Global partners and a growing brand portfolio

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GP Vivienda, Wienerberger and Brickworks each sign agreements to work with Hadrian X.

We partner with EY- Parthenon to explore global opportunities for our technology in addition to completing a company rebrand to FBR, which provides us latitude for additional products and divisions in the future.