About FBR

FBR Limited (formerly Fastbrick Robotics Limited) (ASX:FBR) designs, develops and builds dynamically stabilised robots to address global needs. These robots are designed to work outdoors using the company's core Dynamic Stabilisation Technology® (DST®). FBR is commercialising products for the construction sector together with DST®-enabled solutions for other industries.

What is Hadrian X®?

Hadrian X® is the world's most advanced construction robot. It is the first application of our Dynamic Stabilisation Technology® (DST®), which measures dynamic interference and movement in real-time and counteracts this movement to maintain stability and deliver unprecedented precision in variable conditions.

What type of bricks can Hadrian X® lay?

Hadrian X® is designed to work with the Fastbrick Wall System®, which uses blocks that have been specially designed for optimal performance.

Hadrian X® can also lay standard bricks made of concrete or clay within these parameters:

  • Length: 115mm to 490mm
  • Width: 60mm to 250mm
  • Height: 60mm to 250mm
  • Maximum weight: 22kg

How many bricks does Hadrian X® lay per hour?

  • Hadrian X® achieves optimal performance using the specially designed blocks that are part of the Fastbrick Wall System.
  • Each block is the size of 12 Standard Brick Equivalents (SBE).
  • Hadrian X® is capable of laying 1 block every 20 to 30 seconds, which equates to over 1,000 SBEs per hour.

What type of mortar and adhesive system does Hadrian X® use?

The Fastbrick Wall System® uses special industrial adhesive instead of mortar. This adhesive bonds in just 45 minutes, holds stronger and results in greater thermal and acoustic properties than traditional mortar.

How long will it take to build the walls of a standard home?

It will take Hadrian X® between 1 and 3 days to build the walls of a home, depending on the type of block used and the complexity of the design.

How many homes per year can Hadrian X® build?

Each Hadrian X® unit can build a standard sized home every 2 days on average. In the right environment and working continuously, each unit could build between 100 and 300 homes per year.

Can Hadrian X® work on a standard home building site?

Hadrian X® has been designed with the smallest possible worksite footprint while maintaining a 30m reach for long narrow lots and multi-unit development sites. This opens up possibilities for tract or subdivision work as well as residential in-fill and commercial sites.

What does Hadrian X® mean for bricklayers?

Hadrian X® and its underlying technology signals the next evolution for bricklayers. It enables them to transition away from laborious, unsafe and physically demanding tasks and move into smarter, safer roles that offer a physically sustainable career path.

Will Hadrian X® make it cheaper to build a home?

Hadrian X® builds faster, more accurately and with less construction waste than traditional methods, which should equate to savings for builders and homebuyers.

Can I buy a Hadrian X®?

Hadrian X® is currently available to supply Wall as a Service® to builders in the Perth Metro area.

How well is the technology protected?

FBR's technology is comprehensively patent protected in the USA, China, Australia, Canada, UK, and many countries within the EU.

Our patent suite is being continually upgraded and expanded, and as new markets open to the company this work will continue into the future.