Precision Construction Robot

Hadrian X® is the world's first mobile robotic blocklaying machine and system, capable of safely working outdoors in uncontrolled environments with speed and accuracy.

Hadrian X® builds block structures from a 3D CAD model, producing far less waste than traditional construction methods while dramatically improving site safety.

Hadrian X® is capable of building the walls of a house in situ in as little as a day.

Intelligent Control System

Unique optimisation software converts wall sketches into block positions, and minimises handling and waste of block products to improve efficiency of residential construction.

Every supplier throughout the homebuilding process from the architect to the final trades will work from a single source of data, enabling parallel manufacture of materials.

Dynamic Stabilisation Technology®

Hadrian X® uses FBR's Dynamic Stabilisation Technology®, or DST®, to work with precision in outdoor environments.

DST® corrects for dynamic interference and vibration in the boom and layhead in real-time, and and places blocks with precision.

DST® has innumerable applications beyond robotic blocklaying. To find out more about DST®, click here.

Fastbrick Wall System®

FBR's Fastbrick Wall System® is a combination of Hadrian-optimised blocks and adhesive, together with a cladding material like acrylic render.

Hadrian X® uses modularly designed blocks with aligned cores, enabling easy installation of cabling and services through the cavities.

FBR aims to partner with customers in many international markets to offer 'Wall as a Service®', or WaaS®.


  • 15 times faster
  • Build the walls of a house in one day


  • 70% more efficient
  • Maintain accuracy over distance


  • Safer jobs for people
  • Safer working environments


  • Just 10m3 of waste
  • Moving toward zero waste construction


  • Costs X% less to build
  • Significant cost savings

See Hadrian X® in action