Introduction to Outdoor Robotics

Traditionally robotics has been used indoors in controlled, stable and static environments to perform repetitious tasks, such as car manufacturing.

Outdoors, robots are exposed to unpredictable and continuously changing interference such as wind, vibrations, altering machine motions and thermal variation.

Taking precision robotics outside

Dynamic Stabilisation Technology® (DST®) is a highly accurate system that continuously adjusts the position of a robot's end effector to ensure it is always held with stability at the correct point in 3D space.

When FBR's DST® is combined with FBR proprietary software it enables robots to work outdoors in unstable unpredictable
environments and perform bespoke tasks.

See DST® in action

"I invented DST® to solve the problem of stabilising a robot at the end of a long moving boom, originally for an application that didn't have enough demand to justify its development cost.
A decade later, a building boom converged with a shortage of bricklayers, driving the cost of laying a brick up to $1.25. I knew my idea's time had come.
Once in a lifetime, if you're lucky, something you invent gets the opportunity to tackle a major global need. So we scaled up, built our own testing facilities and brought together brilliant minds from across the globe to bring this idea to life."

Mark Pivac, Chief Technology Officer and primary inventor of FBR's technology