07 March 2019

Refinements made, outdoor testing to commence again.

Hi all,

Following the completion of the brickwork on our first outdoor build, we then experimented with some interior and exterior finishing items to demonstrate the possible look and feel of a completed structure to some key partners. This included finishing touches like windows, carpet, skirting, render, drywall and brick veneer.


While this was taking place, we took the Hadrian X indoors to implement some changes that have been developed as a result of our initial outdoor testing efforts. We have focused on improving the speed, accuracy and reliability of the Hadrian X based on our learnings so far, and we've now moved H01 back outside to commence further testing. We've already deconstructed Hadrian's first outdoor home, which was a bittersweet experience. While it would've been nice to keep it as a monument to the achievement, we have an opportunity in front of us to really accelerate our development program by building as much as possible before we take the Hadrian X out on the road.

As most of you will be aware, we recently completed a capital raising of $17 million to accelerate the commercialisation of the Hadrian X and to provide further working capital. This funding will allow us to push ahead with our program and bring on board some additional engineers to increase the team's capacity in getting the machines ready for the market. In my last blog post I talked about how we are building a world class team, and the funding secured in the recent capital raise will allow us to go out and target some really talented people across the globe to add to our already impressive team.

Some of you may have seen I made my FBR television debut on Channel 9 News a couple of weeks ago along with Mark Pivac, our Chief Technical Officer. The story ended up getting picked up nationally which is a good result and has generated a lot of international interest in us.

Embedded below is a vlog I made while we had the tradies in during the final stages of the build. In the vlog I discuss Hadrian's ability to cut blocks, the adhesive we use in our wall system and how the various trades come in to complete the build with standard market finishes.

Mark Sheridan
Chief Operating Officer 
FBR Limited