14 January 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai


FBR is honoured to announce we are the Official Australian Pavilion Construction Robotics Partner at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Australia's contribution to Expo 2020 harnesses our nation's spirit of optimism and innovation, celebrating Australia's diversity, harmony, creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. This vision aligns with FBR's values as a company - to unleash human potential through innovation - and we are thrilled to be invited as a representative of Australia's aspirations and achievements.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo held in the UAE and takes place over a six-month period, celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation. With 190 participating countries and an expected 25 million visitors, Expo 2020 Dubai aims to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy to future generations across the world.


"Expo 2020 is a highly valuable opportunity for FBR and our commercialisation journey, with unprecedented access to representatives from 190 participating countries to promote our business, expand our operations and develop new global partnerships. Expo 2020 is dubbed 'the world's greatest show' and FBR is honoured to be representing Australia to the world as the forefront of innovation."

- Mike Pivac, FBR's Chief Executive Officer – Global


For more information on Expo 2020 Dubai, visit: https://www.expo2020dubai.com

To find out more on what the Expo 2020 Australia Pavilion has to offer, visit: https://www.australiaexpo2020.com