26 September 2019

FBR enters Building Pilot Program Agreement with GP Vivienda

  • FBR commences three-stage Mexican Building Pilot Program with GP Vivienda
  • Second Hadrian X ® has commenced building house structures

FBR is pleased to advise the commencement of a Building Pilot Program Agreement with GP Vivienda, the housing division of Mexican construction giant Grupo GP. This Agreement represents the next stage of the Strategic Collaboration Agreement between FBR and GP Vivienda announced to the ASX on 20 June 2018.

The Building Pilot Program Agreement between FBR and GP Vivienda consists of three stages.

The first stage is a Pilot Program stage under which FBR will supply WaaS® for between one and five house structures on FBR premises using a range of designs supplied by GP Vivienda. Each of these structures will be subject to inspection, assessment and reporting by both GP Vivienda and independent consultants to ensure they meet the applicable building standards. Any time between the completion of the first house structure and the fifth house structure, GP Vivienda can determine that the Pilot Program stage has fulfilled its purpose and is complete.

In the Block Testing stage, which occurs in parallel to the Pilot Program stage, GP Vivienda and FBR will work together to test the performance of FBR's adhesive with concrete blocks that are commonly used in Mexico. The Block Testing Stage will continue for at least six months, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

In the Collaboration stage, which occurs during and for up to three months after the Pilot Program stage (unless otherwise agreed between the parties) GP Vivienda and FBR will consult to collate and assess the learnings from the Pilot Program Stage and the Block Testing Stage and identify, scope and schedule the next steps in the Strategic Collaboration Agreement.

We are very pleased to be advancing our Strategic Collaboration Agreement with FBR through this Building Pilot Program. GP Vivienda and the broader Grupo GP continue to drive innovation in the Mexican construction industry, and we look forward to introducing FBR's disruptive technologies to the Mexican affordable housing sector.

- Andres Garza, GP Vivienda Strategic Manager,

As announced to the ASX last year, FBR sees the Hadrian X as part of the solution to Mexico's acute shortage of well-constructed affordable homes, with a deficit of approximately 8.3 million affordable homes in the country. Our market analysis has indicated a theoretical need for approximately 700-750 Hadrian X robots to replace all bricklaying labour in Mexico, so the commercial opportunity is significant for the Company. FBR and GP Vivienda will work collaboratively to explore market entry strategies in Mexico. I am also pleased to say that our second Hadrian X prototype is now building house structures, giving us the opportunity to work with different design styles and materials by operating two Hadrian X robots at the same time. This will accelerate our testing program and allows us to work with a broader range of builders right now as we introduce the Hadrian X to the world.

- Mike Pivac, FBR's Managing Director & CEO - Global,

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