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Side by Side Construction

As part of our Building Pilot Program Agreement with GP Vivienda, FBR has constructed four Mexican-style two-bedroom, one-bathroom house structures using the Hadrian X® at FBR's premises, with each structure taking less than one standard shift on average to complete.

Two of the structures were built indoors at FBR's facility, with the remaining two structures built simultaneously side by side outdoors to emulate the most economical operating process for a Hadrian X® in a residential development in Mexico.

Having completed the Pilot Program stage, FBR and GP Vivienda intend to progress the Block Development stage of the Building Pilot Program Agreement, by building additional Mexican-style structures using the Hadrian X® with blocks produced in Mexico.

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Type: Commercial
Partner: GP Vivienda
Layout: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
Wall Area: 167sqm
Block Type: CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit)
Block Size: 390mm x 230mm x 90mm
Blocks Laid: 1,972 CMUs (Approx. 9,900 SBEs)
Block Wastage: < 0.1%
Wall Type: Single Leaf Cavity Wall
Status: Complete

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