Field Notes...

First two storey structure
Steel reinforced concrete columns
Suspended concrete slab.

Two storey structure built with the Hadrian X® for international clients in a style commonly found around the world in developed and developing markets.

First time FBR had demonstrated Hadrian X®'s ability to build two storey structures and work with design elements like steel reinforced concrete columns, suspended concrete slabs and rebar.

Starter bars inserted into the concrete slab, with threaded couplers used to install rebar through the aligned cores of the blocks and concrete manually poured into the cores. Steel cages inserted into the block columns built by the Hadrian X®, with a concrete pump used to fill the columns.

Precast concrete slab crane-lifted onto the structure the day after the first storey was completed. Hadrian X® commenced building second storey immediately after the crane left.

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Type: Commercial
Layout: Two Storey Test Structure
Wall Area: 152sqm
Block Type: CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit)
Block Size: 390mm x 230mm x 90mm
Blocks Laid: 1,916 CMUs (Approx. 9,600 SBEs)
Block Wastage: < 0.1%
Wall Type: Single Leaf Cavity Wall
Status: Complete

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