19 December 2019

End of Year Update

Dear all,

As we draw closer to the holiday period, I thought I would give everyone a quick update on a couple of exciting things that have happened this week.

Our second Hadrian X® (H02) completed its first outdoor build this week with pleasing results despite the sweltering conditions, in which the construction industry typically shuts down. It was over 40oC for a good portion of our build time with our local weather instruments showing temperatures up to 46oC, which can present challenges on a number of fronts (things expanding and contracting, machine temp etc), but we are certainly getting better at dealing with those challenges, and in fact we achieved a new Hadrian record for blocks laid in a day outdoors this week. There is a lot of scope to continue improving our technology, and we are making good progress.

At the same time, we've been making some upgrades and optimisations to our first Hadrian X® (H01) inside our testing and development facility, and I'm pleased to say that we also set a new top speed for laying motions per minute yesterday, which, based on the maximum size block the Hadrian X® can handle, would be equivalent to around 1,500 standard brick equivalents per hour.

We are currently building a complicated design with some features that we haven't tried before, and we're really pleased with how the Hadrian X® is performing with the more intricate work.

It is a credit to our team and their focus on our goals that we've set two new records with two machines in two different environments right at the end of the year.

Mark Pivac
Chief Technical Officer 
FBR Limited