The flagship next-generation Hadrian X® has successfully built its first compliant structure outdoors with large U.S. format concrete masonry blocks at an average lay rate of over 240 blocks per hour across the entire structure.

Fast-Tracking Hadrian X® for US Market

Due to high demand for the Company’s technology in the United States, FBR has made the strategic decision to reprioritise the delivery of United States-spec Hadrian X® construction robots to the U.S. as soon as possible.

FBR’s second next-generation Hadrian X® currently in production, originally intended to be fitted to an Australian certified truck chassis, will now instead be fitted to a U.S. certified truck chassis as soon as the first of three on order is delivered, allowing it to begin commercial operation in the U.S. as soon as possible thereafter, where it will be positioned into FBR’s United States Wall as a Service® operating entity in Florida.

FBR’s first next-generation Hadrian X®, currently undergoing outdoor testing and optimisation, will be deployed to the U.S. for demonstration work as soon as its testing and optimisation is complete.

A third next-generation Hadrian X® has commenced production, and procurement for a fourth, fifth and sixth next-generation Hadrian X® is underway. Upon completion, these additional Hadrian X® units will be assigned to Wall as a Service® entities in line with the Company’s global commercialisation strategy, which will see it establishing partnerships in key target markets such as the United States, Europe, Australia, the GCC region and the United Kingdom.

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