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Hadrian X preparing for Build1

Hi all,

As we embark on Hadrian X's first outdoor build, I thought it would be nice to give everyone an insight into our day to day progress. We'll aim to provide regular updates for the duration of our outdoor test program.

Last week, our first Hadrian X (let's call it H01 for simplicity) returned to High Wycombe ready to commence preparations to work outdoors in an uncontrolled environment for the first time. This build will be in the yard behind our facility and will be carried out during normal working hours.

The process will start by building small structures to make sure we have everything calibrated correctly before moving on to building a three bedroom, two bathroom full home structure. The house design will be a little different this time, with a few more internal walls to construct and a higher level of difficulty, and after completion of the structure we will conduct some finishing work to trial different renders, veneers, wall linings, roof ties and so forth.

Mark Pivac, Chief Technical Officer, FBR Ltd standing in front of the Hadrian X

At the moment we're completing some preparatory work on the test site. We've erected camera poles to make sure we capture everything from this historic build, and we've set up a weather station to assist with our diagnostics. From a safety perspective, we've got some temporary fencing set up and safety sensing that will trigger Hadrian X's emergency stop function if people enter the restricted area. On a typical residential building site there will be no need for fencing, with the safety sensing making sure the Hadrian X is operating safely.

As this is the first time we're building outdoors, we'll be making some engineering refinements as we go to get the Hadrian X as fast, accurate and reliable as possible before we take it out on the road later this year to build homes on residential sites. Rather than aiming to complete the structure in a short timeframe, we're looking to gather as much intel as possible on the performance of each module and further opportunities for improvement. This may involve taking H01 offline from time to time to implement some engineering changes, but we anticipate having the build done in the next month.

H02 is now being prepared for indoor testing at our test facility. The team there is working on the final stages of commissioning and are making progress in line with expectations. Once that is completed, H02 will run through a similar program, building small test structures before building full-size home structures.

I look forward to providing further updates as we commence the first outside build.

Mark Pivac
Chief Technical Officer
FBR Limited