Leading an Industry Revolution

The Hadrian X is almost here. It's the first part of a digital construction system which we believe will change the world, making housing affordable for everyone.

Imagine printing the walls of the house with a machine that you drive up to the site and set up by unfolding a boom. Fastbrick Robotics is set to transform the construction industry with technology that does just this.

Our first construction robot, the technology demonstrating Hadrian 105, successfully completed the first block printed structure from a mobile base 20 meters (65 feet) away in 2015.

That technology demonstrator paved the way for the construction of the first commercial prototype block laying robot, the Hadrian X, that can construct the walls of an average sized dwelling in just two days.

It's the first stage of a revolution in human/machine collaborative digital construction, taking the benefits of fully automated machines onto the construction site.


This system will create a new future for the construction industry. A future where a collaboration between machines and humans, increases the safety, efficiency, speed and accuracy of construction for everybody.

Hadrian X