Printing a House Using Adhesive

It seems strange to use adhesive to hold the walls of a house together. Turns out this is one of the most effective and strongest methods available for construction today.

If you imagine the Hadrian X is a giant 3D block printer, the obvious choice to hold the blocks together is adhesive. Fortunately, this method of holding block structures together is a commonly used and approved method.

The FBR team in partnership with Archistruct Builders and Designers, have already built a trial home using the construction adhesive as a test case for engineering and local government approvals.

Construction adhesives are much stronger than render, have greatly improved thermal properties, and are much cleaner to use than cement in building construction.

  • Glue
    Internationally approved as a block construction adhesive.

  • Strength
    Vastly superior strength to render.

  • pattern-random-07.svg
    Greatly improved thermal properties.